David W. Astemborski
z/OS MVS Operating Systems Programmer

David W. Astemborski

13146 W. Green Mountain Dr
Lakewood, CO 80228
(303) 901-8216
email: astemdw@gmail.com

                                                                                                                                                 astemdw@gmail.com                                                                                         M:  303.901.8216  



Career Summary


An innovative, results-driven zOS/MVS/VM/VSE Mainframe Operating Systems Programmer with over 15 years of experience in the execution of cost-effective, high performance technology solutions serving the manufacturing, engineering, financial, health care, retail, and hospitality industries. Skilled in all facets of information life cycle management; from analysis and design through development, implementation, documentation and user training.  A highly self motivated, technology evangelist and technical team leader who consistently offers creative problem-solving solutions, with results that exceed business and customer expectations.



VISA Inc. , Highlands Ranch CO                                                            2013 – PRESENT

Senior z/OS Systems Programmer, z/OS, MVS, Operating Systems Software and Networking Engineering.

Installed and Support z/OS 2.1 running in four parallel sysplexes and over 45 LPARs.  Installed, Customized, and Supported Networking software, including IBM's Connect Direct, CA's NetMaster, CA's NetSpy and IBM Enterprise Extender. Responsible for the support and maintenance of the z/OS operating systems (2.1), and several third party Networking and Systems software products.

FirstBank Data Corporation, Lakewood, CO                                            2009 – 2013

Senior z/OS Systems Programmer, z/OS,MVS, Operating Systems Software Specialist.

Installed and Maintain z/OS 1.10 running in three LPARS, replacing z/OS 1.09.  Installed GRS, DB2. Responsible for the support and maintenance of the z/OS operating systems (1.12), GRS, Virtual Tape, Capacity monitoring, DB2, and all Mainframe Printing software, including IBM’s InfoPrint Server,  Transforms, and AFP/PSF.

DELTA DENTAL OF MICHIGAN, Lansing, MI                                        2008 – 2008

Senior z/OS Systems Programmer, MVS, z/OS, Networking, and Oracle/Sun/StorageTek Software Specialist.

Provided 3rd party Mainframe software implementation of current releases of MVS-Quickref, Syncsort for z/OS, and

CA-NetSpy using SMP/E.  Supported CA-1, HSC, CA-VTAPE, CA-CopyCat, and assisted with migration analysis of z/OS 1.9 & z/OS 1.10, including the migration from an IBM z/890 to an IBM System Z10 processor.

Sun Microsystems/StorageTek, Louisville/Broomfield, CO           1999 –2008                                                                                                                                                    

z/OS Systems Programmer / Infrastructure Software Engineer, z/OS, MVS, TCP/IP, and SL8500 Software Specialist.

Managed the installation, support, performance tuning, and maintenance to Systems software / hardware in the areas of MVS, z/OS, TCP/IP, and VTAM/NCP Products (IBM, CA, and NSC). Also assisted in the installation of MVS third party / OEM  system software products, specializing in the Oracle/Sun/StorageTek Host Software.  Worked with Operating systems releases of OS/390 2.4  –  z/OS 1.9. 

  • Specializing in Advanced Functionality of MVS TCP/IP, & CA/InterLink TCPAccess
    • Dynamic Virtual IP Addressing(DVIPA), Application Transparent Transport Layer Security(AT/TLS)
    • Network Print Facility(NPF), Unix System Services(USS)
  • Sun/StorageTek proprietary TCP/IP Protocols including:
    • SL8500/SL3000 Dual TCPIP
    • 9330 TCPIP LMU
  • SL8500 & 4410/9310 Powderhorn Host software (HSC) mainframe specialist:
    • Represented MVS on the SL8500 robotic library since its inception in 2003.
    • Versed in SL8500 Partitioning, Dual TCPIP, Near Continuous Operation(NCO) and the SLC.
    • Host Software Component(HSC)
    • Virtual Tape Control System(VTCS)
    • Expert Library Manager(ExLM).
    • Storage Management Component(SMC)
    • Library Station(LibStation)
    • Client System Component(CSC)
  • Taught MVS / 9310/ SL8500 Differences Classes at Four SHARE Technical Conferences




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METAMOR TECHNOLOGIES/COMSYS, INC., St. Louis,  MO                               1998 – 1999

MVS Systems Programmer Consultant, MVS, OS/390, Networking Team             1999           

Managed the installation, support, tuning, and maintenance to Operating Systems software in the areas of MVS, OS/390, MQSeries, and VTAM/NCP for client company Sherwin-Williams: Cleveland, OH.  Also assisted in the installation of Third party MVS software products.

  • Technical Project leader responsible for implementation of MQSeries in the MVS / Windows environment to get my Client into the new world of Message Queuing in a Multi-Host environment


MVS Systems Programmer Consultant, MVS, OS/390 Team   1998 – 1999

Managed the installation, support, and maintenance to MVS Operating Systems software in the areas of OS/390, DB2, CICS, MQSeries, and Mainframe Networking (TCP/IP) for client company Smurfit-Stone Container Corp.: Alton, IL. Also assisted in the installation of Third party MVS software products.  

CHANEY SYSTEMS, INC., Milwaukee, WI                                    1997 –1998                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

MVS Systems Programmer Consultant, CICS/IMS/DB2/Networking

Oversaw the installation, support, and maintenance to MVS Systems software in the areas of IMS, DB2, CICS, and Mainframe Networking for Client company Rockwell Automation: Milwaukee, WI.

  • Installed CICS/ESA 4.1
  • Installed IMS third party products for Y2K Compliancy.


INFORMATION SYSTEMS SERVICES GROUP, St. Louis, MO                                         1997                                                                                                                                                    

MVS/VM/VSE VTAM/SNA Systems Programmer Consultant

Managed installation, support, and maintenance to MVS Systems software supporting multiple VSE/SP machines, multiple VM/ESA machines, and a corporate wide VTAM/NCP/SNA Communications Network for client company Monsanto Chemical, Corp.   St. Louis, MO. 

  • Worked in the MVS 5.2.2 environment analyzing Software, Dumps, and Traces for Customers


MANAGED PRESCRIPTION SERVICES, St. Louis, MO                                          1995 – 1997

VSE/VM Systems Programmer

Managed the installation and maintenance to existing systems software packages in multiple VSE/ESA machines running under VM/ESA.

  • Managed an MVS/VSE Enterprise network utilizing VTAM/NCP, FTP, & Connect/Direct. Installed VSE/ESA 2.1 under VM/ESA including the installation and modification of 30 System software products. Prepared, maintained, & executed a Disaster Backup & Recovery Annual Test Plan at SunGard Recovery Services

MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Belleville, IL                                                                     1987 – 1995

VSE/VM/OS400 Systems Programmer

Managed the installation and maintenance to existing systems software packages in multiple VSE/ESA machines running under VM/ESA. Also responsible for installation and maintenance of OS/400 systems software including VSE/ESA to OS/400 communications via a 3174 communications controller.

other related experiences


Credit Systems Inc., St. Louis, MO

Famous Barr (May Department Stores), St. Louis, MO

Electronic Data SYSTEMS (EDS), St. Louis, MO

Telemark Lodge, Cable, WI


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  • IBM System z for z/OS System Programmer Certification, Achieve 08/13/2007
  • ITIL v3 Foundation Certified 
  • Continuing Education Courses Taught at IBM and Sun/StorageTek Education Centers.
  • Continuing Education Courses Taken while Attending IBM, SHARE, NaSPA, & WAVV Technical Conferences.
  • Certificate in Computer Programming and Operations, Control Data Institute, St. Louis, MO
    • DB2 z Implementation and Migration Workshop
    • TCPIP Architecture
    • TCPIP Implementation Workshop
    • TCP/IP Diagnostics and Debugging
    • TCPIP High Availability Solutions
    • z/OS MVS Diagnostic Workshop
    • Sun/StorageTek HSC/VTCS/SMC/Libstation/CSC

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