David W. Astemborski
z/OS MVS Operating Systems Programmer
About Me & my Company

David W. Astemborski

13146 W. Green Mountain Dr
Lakewood, CO 80228
(303) 901-8216
email: astemdw@gmail.com

About my Company:

Storage Technician, LLC has been serving the needs of businesses, both large and small, for over two decades. David Astemborski, President and CEO is a software engineer / operating systems programmer with extensive experience in the areas of z/OS, Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS), Virtual Machine (VM), Virtual Storage Extended (VSE), and OS/400. He has specialized in the discipline of Mainframe TCP/IP and Oracle/StorageTek Host software. He has designed software suites, developed tests, trained and mentored software engineers, evaluated hardware and software, deployed production systems, supported application and operating systems, prepared white papers, and conference technical presentations. He has 28+ years of Software engineering experience, working in the manufacturing, engineering, financial, health care, retail, and hospitality industries.   Most recently David works at VISA,  worked for FirstBank, Storage Technology Corporation/Sun MicroSystems as a Mainframe TCPIP /VTAM / Networking Expert,  Working with Customers internal and external in Advance techniques of Mainframe Networking including but Not limited to:  TCPIP and StorageTek Software and Hardware. Storage Technician, Inc. is now Any town's most trusted name in software engineering in the disciplines of Mainframe Storage, Operating systems and Network Consulting, maintenance, and performance management.

I achieved an IBM System z for z/OS Systems programmer Certification in August 2007.  

I  earned a Certificate of Computer Programming and Operations from Control Data Institute. 

I am a deputy project manager for SHARE on the MVS Storage project.

I am an IBM Business Partner, Oracle/STK Partner. and Computer Associates(CA) Partner

I am committed to help your company achieve new heights in technology. I can provide the knowledge and experience that is necessary for any successful enterprise.

In my spare time, I enjoy snow skiing, mountain biking, and spending time with my wife Kelly, my children, and grandkids.

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